Can I rip mp3s (or wav, then mp3) from an image?

I’ve tried a search on this topic but couldn’t find anything …

I’ve got 11 CD images (.nrg), and I’d like to make mp3s (and possible .ape’s). Is there a way to do this without burning 11 CDs first? I’ve got Nero, so I could mount the images and listen to the CDs, but EAC (for instance) doesn’t extract from a virtual drive (does it?).

Is there a reliable (i.e. ensuring quality) way to do this without making 11 CDs ?


Why wouldn’t EAC extract from a virtual drive?


Hi absinthe
I always make a cd image before I use EAC to convert to mp3. I use Blindwrite to make the image. Load the image with Daemon Tools. Then let EAC convert. The conversion speed to wav is fast. You will need to wait while Lame completes the process to mp3. The quality is excellent and the read errors are less.
I hope this helps

Ha, silly me. Whaddayaknow, EAC sure will recognize a virtual drive. Fair enough. :o

Thanks, guys.