Can I rescue this .wav file?

I recorded a radio concert via satellite last night, using CD Wave Editor. I had done test recordings which were all fine.

The program I recorded has resulted in a .wav file of:

size: 2,372,638,256 bytes
size on disc: 2,372,640,768 bytes

(it was a long broadcast!)

Now the problems begin …

I cannot open the file into either CD Wave Editor, or Real Jukebox 2 Plus. Jukebox just crashes and CD Wave Editor gives an error:

“file header reports a size that is different than the system reports Do you want to adjust the size? (Yes to override header, No to trust header. Cancel to abort”

Whether I select “Yes” or “No” I get the error:

“no fmt descriptor”

Is there any software I can use to tweak this file so it is useable? It is really important to me to have this program.

Hope you can help.

Try using GoldWave or SoundForge. Those programs are more likely to open the file and fix it if anything is wrong with it…