Can I replace the Dreamcast GD ROM bya CD/DVD drive?

Anyone know if would be possible replace the original GD-Rom drive, for a DVD drive?
Just the core of it.

Not to watch movies, just to play massive backup discs.

I know that by doing this, if it’s possible, the video game won’t play original GDs anymore, but all that want is my DC to play CDRW.

If it is possible, why not a DVD drive? Forget movies, think about 4.7 GB of space.

One more thing.
Anyone knows a web site with infos/images, of the Dreamcast being transformed/adapted, having a HD, or broadband adaptor, or even USB port?

I’m thinking of making a Dreamstein.

A Dreamcast with USB port, a HD and a DVD drive, would be great.
Can it be done? Any of this?

Anything is possible, but the answer to USB ports, HD, DVD Drive is, realistically speaking, NO.

When I first heard about this new generation of consoles and the 128-bit wonder called the Sega Dreamcast, I knew immediately I was going to get one. I got mine in 99 on Christmas and lived in my room just to keep playing this baby. As soon as I fired up Sonic Adventure I was hooked and just couldn’t stop playing it.

Dreamcast quickly became my favorite console of all time. I bought several titles for the console to feed my appetite for gaming. Such games as Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2, Sonic Adventure 2, and Shenmue have no peer.

Needless to say I was shocked and even a bit angry when Sega announced that they were pulling the plug on the Dreamcast. Everyone was saying at the time the Dreamcast was dead, and PS2, GameCube, and XBox were the kings of consoles now…

I was bummed to say the least. It wasn’t really the fact that dreamcast had been dethroned, but that the game production was being brought to an abrupt halt. No more new games. I thought: Dreamcast died…

BUT THEN!.. Oh but then…

Just recently I realized that the Dreamcast isn’t dead at all. As a matter of fact, It’s very much alive, here are the reasons why!

  1. Extremely cheap

Dreamcasts can now be bought for $50. As for games? I see more expensive genesis games now. Don’t believe me? Check out a serch engine and look at the prices for games. A lot of the run for about 10 to 20 bucks in new condition! That means you can stock up on games like there’s no tomorrow. The controllers and memory cards are also really cheap.
Overall, Dreamcast has the best deals on equipment and games ANYWHERE. That alone is worth a 10/10.

  1. Homebrew

Did you know that many people today are making their own games to play on the Dreamcast? It’s true, they are called homebrew games. Check it out on any search engine and you’ll see the numerous people making cool games by simply usnig C++ programming and burning it all onto a CD! Can any of those new ‘‘superior’’ consoles do that? HA!! Yeah right.

  1. Playstation CDs on your Dreamcast

Some of you may have heard of Bleem!. It was a project which involved being able to play Playstation games on the Dreamcast. Sound impossible? It isn’t. Actually, it’s already been done. Unfortunately, it was shut down due to obvious legal reasons, so only three games are able to be played through Bleem!: Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, and Gran Turismo 2 I believe. While it may not be much, can you imagine walking in and seeing someone playing these games on a Dreamcast? Oh yeah, for all you PS2 fanboys saying their console does it too: Dreamcast does it better. Bleem! enhances the game quality to crystal clear graphics. Can PS2 do that? cough NO! cough.

  1. Online Gaming

The Sega Dreamcast was the first console in history to take gaming online. Through its powerful modem and hardware, DC can connect you to the outside world against players across the globe. There are many great games to play online, my favorite being Quake 3 Arena. While many of the Sega run servers may have shut their doors, that hasn’t stopped others from creating their own servers!

  1. PC to DC Ports

Wanna see something cool? Check out for an example of just how flexible the Dreamcast is. With simple programming, many great computer games can be burned onto a CD and played on Dreamcast! Good examples are Quake and Doom, and this is just the beginning. Imagine playing your favorite computer games on your DC, because you just might be doing that pretty soon!

  1. Emulation

Here is where Dreamcast punches the lights out of every other console in existance. Most of you know about the ever popular ROMS on computers, and how they allow you to play games from numerous different consoles on your PC. Well, the Dreamcast is getting a large piece of the pie now days. It is possible to play ROMS from SNES, NES, Genesis, Master System, Neo Geo, and many more! Suddenly, Dreamcast has more games playable on it that every other console as well. Sorry Playstation… Speaking of the which, the current emulators are just scratching the surface of the DC emulator scenes. Before long, Playstation ISOs will also be playable on Dreamcast, as well as N64, Saturn, and who knows? Maybe even PS2, X-Box and Gamecube ISOs will come out as well. Oh yeah, only Dreamcast can do this stunt, so for $50, this is WELL worth your money.

  1. Make Shift Computer

Dreamcast does more than just play games online as well. It also browses the internet, capable of using chatrooms too! This is great for checking email and looking up codes for games. You can also download saved game files right of the browser and into your VMU, making a gameshark obsolete. Sega also made a keyboard and mouse just for this. The keyboard and mouse can also be used to play shooter games and ROMS as well. People have also made programs allowing you to play MP3 cds, DVDs, and other file types. What makes this the easiest, is that you can usually just download these programs on your computer and burn them onto a CD, which the Dreamcast will accept!

  1. Screw DVD

Unfortunately, the Dreamcast was deprived of DVD reading capability in stock form. Instead, it can read VCDs though. OK, so VCD is to DVD as Mini Disc is to CD: It’s harder to find. Or so you think. It’s actually really easy to do! Again, you can simply burn movies onto a CD, with the right software of course. I won’t bore you with the how-to details, they are easily found off of a search engine.

The bottom line is this folks: Dreamcast isn’t even close to dead. You think the best of it has already passed by? No way. If you have one of these amazing machines, I suggest you hold onto it for dear life because since production of them has stopped, people are going to be paying good money for them as soon as its full potential has been reached.

I hope I’ve made all you Sega fans and Dreamcast owners proud. You should be, and the next time someone calls your Dreamcast a hunk of garbage, just smile because he who laughs last, laughs loudest. Dreamcast lives.

Final Score: 10/10

That my friend was a fantastic read…thank you for your well written and inspiring and not to mention power presentation, shouldn’t you have worked for SEGA?
ive just purchased a Dreamcast for 45 dollars…Im looking forward to trying it our soon with a mod for playing via a CF card.

Again a very inspiring write up Sir. 10/10


If the laser has the same frequency on both format, you can be lucky if somebody comes with a custom firmware modification to match your needs.