Can I recover my photos? Big time help needed

Hi, before formatting my HDD in readiness for a clean XP install I backed up my photo collection to a TDK DL DVD+R using ImgBurn. This was actually the first DL DVD I ever burned and it seemed to go smoothly. After it was completed I randomly selected various photos to ensure I could access them OK (which I could).

I proceeded to do a clean XP install and afterwards, when I tried to copy the photos back on, for some reason the drive couldn’t 't read the DVD…I can hear it trying but nothing. Any ideas on how I might be able to access the data on disc?



See if the free version of ISOBuster can find the files on the disk.

For future reference, we only recommend Verbatim brand for DL media.

Thanks, IsoBuster did the trick. It did shorten all the filenames to 8 characters. Is there any way to get back the original file names? Then again I’m not sure if that’s the way IsoBuster recovered them or ImgBurn burned them.

Out of interest, any idea why ImgBurn successfully burned the DVD but can’t read it?

Did you select the right file system within IsoBuster? Maybe you picked (or left it on) ISO9660 when you should have gone for Joliet or UDF.

ImgBurn has a ‘Verify’ option for good reason.

If it burnt and verify the disc ok then there’s no reason it wouldn’t work - except if the disc had been mishandled.

IsoBuster isn’t a miracle worker, if the drive really couldn’t read what was on it then it would just error out… so you might have just been able to create an image from the disc using Read mode. Mount that image in a virtual drive and you’d have full access to everything again.