Can I recover an Artec Combo Drive?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with a dumb situation I’ve got myself into:confused:, I’d be very appreciated for any suggestions.

While recently working on a client’s PC I decided to update the firmware of his CD drive. It is an Artec Combo BKM-52X16 C I[/I] and while I’ve usually found updating firmwares for drives a relatively easy process, this time around it was a little more non user-friendly. I’ll spare you the details suffice it to say that I downloaded the correct firmware (there are two versions of this drive) but attempted to install it what turned out to be the incorrect way as it is now ‘bricked’. It was only after I had had my :doh: moment that I found out how to do it the right way but attempting this did not recover the drive.

Does anyone know therefore a way of getting this drive working again? At the moment it isn’t even recognised by the PC’s BIOS startup sequence.

Welcome to the forum. Your drive most likely is dead. This is why I will not flash a drive unless for performance, media or hardware updates. Cross flashing on purpose or accident is a big cause of dead drives. One of our firmware guy/gals might be able to help. Don’t worry though you can pick up a new DVDROM/CDRW drive for under 25 bucks in most locations.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I flashed the drive because it would not recognise certain brands of media in the hope that it would after being updated. I’m not sure what cross-flashing is but I assume you mean flashing one drive’s firmware onto another; this is not what I did. The flashing process for the drive is by command line only. The switches (i.e. [command] [-switch(es)]) I chose turned out to be wrong although when I found the documentation afterwards I discovered I had been very close to the correct ones.

How would I get in touch with the firmware people? I thought I’d posted my problem in the correct forum, does it need to be moved?

What firmware have you tried to flash the drive with and where have you gotten it from??

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been putting off trying to repair the drive. This is because it’s been hard to track down where I got the firmware from and what I did to flash it onto the drive.

Initially I thought I’d be able to find out what I’d done by going back to my client’s computer on which I flashed the drive and looking at browser history etc. but it turned out that that was pretty much a waste of time as all the files and info there were what I’d already found on my own PC.

The firmware I used can be found here; I also found another archive on (the original website it was hosted on, which seems to be connected to Artec, gives a 404) but it is corrupt. This latter one would have been really helpful as its contents include a batch file which the former does not. As I result I ran the executable in the OK archive with the switches I thought were correct; of course they turned out to be wrong.

At some point I found a PDF with instructions on the correct command to use but I’ve been unable to come across that again since.

So, can anybody suggest a way I can recover this drive? I think I’ve used the correct firmware but just flashed it incorrectly; can I use the same executable to fix the drive and/ or does anyone have the other archive I mentioned? It contains the files B52V182A.bin, comboa.exe and Fw.bat .

Again, many thanks.


you might have a look here:


That would seem to be the other archive plus a region-free alternative too; thank you very much Mike, that’s fantastic!

I’ll test them out in the morning and report back. fingers crossed

Told you I’d post in the morning!

Well, the flash process seemed to occur but the drive is still dead. Is it now just a fancy paper-weight or is there something else I can try? Some recovery command of the flashing software (MTKFLASH) I can use or something similar? It’d be a shame to lose the drive and I appreciate all of your expert help.

Thanks again.

Bumping this thread (just once, I know it’s rude) but I really need to know what do; should I just chuck it or is there something else I can try? Again, all your help is much appreciated and I look forward to your replies.