Can I record ps2 games on a blank dvd and then play it on my ps2 w/o modchip?

is there anyway i can record ps2 games on to a blank dvd and then play it on my ps2 without a mod chip

Use Dvd Decryptor and go into mod/iso/read and once you have iso file just do mode /iso/write

As far as playing them on you ps2 only if it is moded in some way(modchip,swap disc, hd loader etc.)

Yes you can play without a mod chip, as rf has said, but in the long run the mod chip route is the easiest on you and your hardware.

:disagree: ok nope i wont worry about doing it cause i am staying on the right side of the law lol :iagree: :iagree: :cop:

Just because you burn a game doent mean you cant to back up your own property. Laws vary from place to place. Now if you borrow or rent them then burn them then yes that is illegal.

Some people like my self modify wheter it be a soft mod or a mod with a chip because we value our property. I personally have 3 kids. The oldest loves to play on the xbox. I cant put up the games and let her play them starait from hard drive and no worries of having to go pay another $20-$50 again within a year. Kids are kids, thats why I back mine up. Same with there Barbie movies and etc. I put backed up movies in the case and the originals in a safe place normally in a folder style case. I would rather waste .30 a disc the the price at the store.

If you are concerned about being legal state where you are at(country/state) and I am sure someone in your area may be able to enlighten you on what you can do and cant do.

I can only talk for England and Wales, as Scotland and Northern Ireland have a seperate legal system. The same and fitting by a business of mod chips is illegal (notice I said business), they can be purchased from outside E&W and fitted privately. Selling a modded console is also illegal, which is why places like cash converters/generators, etc removed all notices saying whether a console was chipped when the law changed.

We also do not have the legal right to back something up, though no one has been prosecuted if it is for personal use, I think because it would be impossible to get an impartial jury and the companies won’t waste their money on such a suit as it is civil law. Though having to break encryption is illegal under criminal law and does carry the risk of being prosecuted. Though this is a hard law to use against an individual who has done it for personal use, after all how will they know?

I know it sounds bad, but no noe has ever been prosecuted for modding their own consoles or backing anything up yet. Only those that have sold them commercially or with copied games on the hdd of those consoles that have them have been delt with under the law.