Can I Record Individual Chapters of a DVD?

I have a three disk concert DVD set. I’d like to pull 8 songs from it and make a single DVD. I own CloneDVD2/AnyDVD, and Nero 6. What do I need to do to get these 8 songs on one DVD?

Seven of the songs are separated into individual chapters and the last one is part of a two song chapter. I haven’t been able to find a way to record individual chapters with my software, much less pull sections of chapters out.

First you need to use 1 of your dvd programs to remove the macro, like clone etc. The remaining files should be in 3 video ts folders from the 3 dvds you ran through clone.Open 1 of these video ts folders in nerovision like you were going to burn it to a dvd. There is an option to make movie or edit movie that you can use to pull out the clips you want. I would recomend that you pull out 1 chapter at a time and export it in mpeg2 to a new folder.Repeat the process until you have all seven seperate clips in that folder.using nero open all the clips up to burn your project and they will automatically have a chapter spot on your nero menu for your disc.There is easier ways but i gave you a way with the software you currently use.

Tips on editing the movie in nero: when you open the ts folder in nerovision(make movie or edit movie,etc.) you will see the video pop up in 1 to 5 clips in the viewer box(upper right corner)On the bottom left you will see an option for story board or timeline,use the storyboard.drag the clip or clips down to the boxes in ton the story board boxes in order. Now on the upper left hand corner of the screen click play in the viewer box. your clip or clips will start to play.Run your mouse over the other icons under the viewer till you find split.This is the button you will hit at the start of the clip of your chapter you want to pull out.this will make 2 story board boxes on the bottom from 1 original.You can right click on the story board box in the first position and click cut.This will get rid of everything up to the point where you clicked clip on your you 1st box should be the point where you started your clip you want to keep and everything after.Now play that clip again and click the split button at the point where your clip that you want to keep ends. this will give you 2 boxes again on your story board.You can right click and cut the video in the second box since this is all the scrap after your clip you want to you should be left with 1 box that contains your clip you want to keep.Click export and save it to a folder on your computer.After the process ends you simply delete or cut the video in the box on your story board until it’s empty and re drag the video down from the upper left corner of the screen again where the original clip/movie isand repeat the process. One other note: after clicking play on the viewer before you split the video, you do not have to wait and watch for the spot you want to clip.Under the viewer there is a box on the left of the bar with an arrow in it and right next to it there is a bar that slides to the right as your video is playing. Grab the bar only with your mouse and move it to the right to speed up to the part where you want to split.Make sure you do not grab the box with the arrow,only the tiny bar. I would have had more precise instructions but I am burning something right now and cannot access the screen.

I don’t think I have Nerovision. As far as I can tell, my Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition only has Burning Rom, Express, ImageDrive, Wave Editor, Cover Designer, and Soundtrax built into it.