Can I Read the HDU of Panasonic DMR-55EH on my PC?

Is it possible to connect the Hard Disk (HDU) from a Panasonic DMR-55EH to a PC and read the contents of the Hard Disk on that PC? Eventually copying the movies to a PC-HDU?

Asked in another way: What is the file system of a HDU in a Panasonic DMR-55EH?


I don’t think it can be done

why do you think so?

Hi, it can be done but its not trivial as the DVD-VR specification seems to be under a non-disclosure agreement and the harddisk is not in FAT, FAT32 or NTFS format, but some kind of Panasonic own format which I can’t find documented anywhere.
I got quite a lot of encouragement from seeing what this guy had been doing:
I found the hex editor HxD to be very good, but preferred to grab 2GB chunks off the harddisk with a program called “dd 0.51” for Windows.
My Panasonic DMR is an English DMR-EX75 and the harddisk file system seems to be called MEIHDFS-V2.0 (is that “Matsushita Electric Industrial Hard Disk File System V2.0”?)… I can find all the title information, and the start markers of the VOB files by “brut force” searching of the harddisk, but I don’t understand how to properly take title information and then work out where the VOB data should start and end for any given title… not yet anyway…