Can I put security code onto blank DVD?



Hi Guys,
Another newbie here . . . . just came across the forum and wondered if this might be the right place to start!

I’m hoping to start a small company working with video in the tourism industry.
I’ll be supplying blank DVD disks with a company logo on them, and want to “Police” how many DVD’s are burned by my customer.

I’m thinking of getting a software engineer to build me a simple program which opens up with a logo and some info, then basically goes into a DVD burning program . . . . now the technical bit:-

I’d like the program to only burn DVD’s which I send my customer - I’m wondering if there’s a way to put a small piece of code onto a blank DVD, which still enables it to burn without affecting the DVD. This code would then be read by my custom program, and the only disks which would burn would be the coded DVD’s - rejecting any other DVD as non-burnable in this program. I would of course restrict access to the PC to stop other programs from being installed!

Is any or all of this possible - if so, how can I do this?



[QUOTE=willoghby;2094834] I’m wondering if there’s a way to put a small piece of code onto a blank DVD…[/QUOTE]

Yes…but, don’t waste your time…there is no such thing as copy protection period. DVD productions studios “NewLine” put all sorts of crazy sh** on there discs and guess what…? Still easy to duplicate…save your self the hassle and, don’t relly on copy protection…'cause, it’s a gimmick. :wink:


yeah you can …easily but its actually of no use …



Would you care to elaborate . . . I’d be interested to see if I can find a solution which may be even 50% towards the problem we face!