Can I put 'Insert Disc 2' at the end of 1st disc when splitting movie with CloneDVD?


Actually My prefer DVD Backup Program is CloneDVD (easiest, full customizing, etc). One big feature missing is the possibility to add one text screen at the end of the 1st part of the movie when splitting movie in 2 disc with the following mention <insert disc 2>.
I have a 60 inch HDTV and I want all my movies be viewable in perfect quality and I need to split most of my movies to preserve quality becaause they took more than 4.7 GB space on Blank DVD.

I know some programs like DVDFAB and DVDXPLATINUM was able to put a screen like that but is it possible to do same thnig with CLONE DVD?

no. clonedvd2 does not allow this.

it’s fine if it’s something you’re used to with the other programs and that’s why you want it, but when a disc ends in the middle of the movie do you really need the reminder to put in the second disc?

I know it’s not absolutelly necessary but I prefer to have it, more professionnal job when you took your DVD and go to a friend house to watch it…

you’re definitely not the only one that has requested this. This has popped up in a few threads over the past few month. I just don’t see the need since I’ve been with clonedvd2 as my first program and I’m not used to having it any other way I guess.

maybe if a lot of people feel this is missing they may include it as an option, but overall, I don’t think it’s a high priority.

Slalanc01, as you’ve already read above, CloneDVD won’t do this for you. However, I’d like to offer an alternate suggestion… Have you looked into VOBBlanker and MenuShrink?

I use VOBBlanker frequently to remove everything except the main movie and the main movie menu. Then, I use MenuShrink to shrink the menu down to just one still frame (but maintains the button functionality). Lastly, I use DVD Shrink and remove all the foreign language audio streams. Often I can then fit a DVD-9 disc onto a single layer DVD-5 disc without any compression on the main movie files.

Keep in mind, this won’t always work as sometimes the main movie files alone are still too large for a single layer disc, but it does frequently work well.

You can do this with dvdremake pro

I use Vobblanker to do this. True, this would mean one extra “step” in the process. I do hope it is something Slysoft would consider adding.