Can I put all my MP3s on a DVD and play them?


I’m already thinking I can’t do this, but I have thousands of MP3s on my PC and would like to put them on DVDs so I can play them off of only 2/3 DVDs.

Is there anyway to do this and can they be played in a CD player or do they have to be played on a DVD player. If so, does anyone know of a way to compress loads of MP3s onto a normal CD?

Thank you!!


They can only be played on a dvd player if you have put them on dvd providing your dvd player supports this as some dont…
I have 3 standalone dvd players and only one supports mp3 on dvd but they all support mp3 on cd…

Thats what I thought, unfortunately. Do you know of any way to compress several (more that the usual 15-20) MP3s onto one normal audio CD?

I typically get 90-100 mp3s on to a 700mb CD. With a bit rate of 192kbs a 4 minute track is about 7mb. If you get only 20 (typical number for CD tracks) then you must be using a bit rate much higher than necessary to get acceptable audio quality, or you’re creating an audio CD not an MP3 CD. With Roxio or Nero you get the option to create an audio CD or an MP3 CD.