Can i put 2 3.9GB DVD's together by cutting out the menus/extras using DVD Shrink?

a friend of mine let me borrow a couple of dvds and i wanna have a copy of it. problem is there is about 14 of these discs(all the same show) he authored already. i could make an exact copy of it using nero and just drag the files in VIDEO_TS over but its 14 discs only 2 shows each.

my question is, is it possible to put 2 of these discs together and just keep one set of menus in each instead of having each DVD have menus and just cut out the extras. using DVD Shrink the exact size is 3,973MB. a noob question, what if i use shrink to decrease the video quality and menu, is it possible to make my own dvd using the bup,ifo,vob files. so for example ill use shrink to decrease the 2 shows to 80%(more or less),and about 60% for menus, and do this for 2 DISCs, can i drag these files into Nero’s DVD-Video’s Video_TS folder. but would i be allowed to change the name of the files accordingly?

is this way to complicated? any other ways around this or should i just stick with making an exact copy from the original?

thanks in advance

Using dvd shrink in reauthor mode will lose all menus. To retain all menus and reauthor a dvd you can use TMPGEnc DVD Author. With this software (too bad not free) you can import all dvd you wants and create menus, chapters, etc.

Anyway, you can create a very big dvd joining 2 or more dvds and squeeze the final dvd into 1 disc with DVD shrink, in full disc mode.

Another possibility is DVD remake, a little bit complicated to use (it’s only my opinion).

thanks for replying geno.

is there a tutorial on doing this using DVD Shrink or DVD Author(maybe ill use the trial). im just curious as to how will i be able to do it using your 2 suggestions. which way would you suggest is easier? i was thinking with Shrink i can at least make it 80% or or the lowest percentage i can go without it being bad quality that way i can fit maybe 4 or so in there. as for DVD Author depending on how many DVD Videos i add, thats how the video quality will be correct?

Thanks again

If you want manu then can’t use dvd shrink. You can use shrink only to reduce dvd sizes of an already authored DVD.

Try to look for a guide this site

I suggest you TMPGEnc DVD author, because is very user-friendly. Too bad is not free.
With this software you can import 2 or 3 dvd into an unique project, cut unwanted scenes, and create menus for any part of the movie. If you create a large DVD (5 or 6 GB) ignoring the message of DVD author saying that is too large, then you can save on hard disc the big movie and later can reduce dimensions with DVD shrink.

Try to take a look at this subforum in which there are many discussion about dvd reauthor (sorry, I don’t have experiences with it).