Can I protect a Folder or Partition with password or prevent its access for others?

Hi guys!

This is what I wanted to know:
Is there a way to prevent the access of a sertain folder with password or something, so other users cant access it?
Is it possible to prevent the access of a whole partition?
A detailed answer would help a lot. :sad:

I know about the show/hide files and folders, but they know too, so that wouldnt help. :o


You can do this by seting access to set users ie you. This ofcourse will only work if each person has their own user account and you have to use a password to sign on. Other than that I can’t think of a way in Windows itself to protect an entire folder, you may have to get third party software for it.

Other suggestions?


That depends on the O/S you’re using and the way you administrate your system.
The way you ask the question seems like you use winsomething and you’re not used to securely administrate environements under it (maybe you get home edition, and this has not the flexibility for certain choices).
Other ways, there are third party programs that allow you do do so, either via encryption or access password to folders.

this is the perfect solution for you: Universal Shield 4.0

it even password protects/encrypts your hardrives/folders if someone wanted to access them via Safemode.


Get Best Crypt at this is an excellent piece of software that sets a folder(s) as an extra drive but encrypts it with 256 bit Encryption and will on allow access to the person who has the password… when closed the virtual drive is unmounted, encrypted and turns into a vault which no1 can access… it also has wiping section for completley erasing data with government wiping methods…

Thanks guys! :bow: