Can I prevent game accessing the Net?

In order for it to run, I need to be able to prevent a game I have recently installed from accessing the internet.

I can do this at present by disabling the broadband connection each time it is played, but this is inconvenient. (No gain without pain some might say!)

Is there a way to block this individual game from having access? I have XP (Home) with SP2. The firewall seems to only ‘allow exceptions’ rather than blocking a program having access entirely and is not effective in this case. Ideally I would like to be able to do this from within XP itself without having to install another firewall such as McAfee (with all seem to be more virus-like than the viruses they are tying to prevent.)
I have read of a possible method via Administrive Tools but it is difficult to understand and in any case seems only to apply to XP Pro.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Are you talking about Quake4 by any chance? Hmm?

Well, without a software firewall that blocks particular programs, you can’t really. :slight_smile:

(Ouch! You’re so perceptive it hurts!) Not me gov. Dont know what your talking about. Its a deviant .torrent of lies.

Re: Your other helpful post to me elsewhere can I block it somehow in the router?

ZoneAlarm will block specific apps from accessing the net. I use the Pro version but I think the free version will do this also.

Or Sygate Personal Firewall.
Best free firewall IMO.

This is, sadly, probably something you’d need a software firewall to do.

Bwahaha :smiley:
I’m afraid you have to use a dedicated firewall. Which you should be doing anyway, as the windows one doesn’t seem to be really all that good.

Thanks for all the answers. I think I’ll stick with the status quo as I’ve (touch wood) been virus and spyware free for a good year now and I couldn’t put up with Windows harranguing me all the time if I turned its firewall off! It does, however, seem a silly omission of XP that this simple task cannot be done.

Dedicated software firewalls are useless festering pieces of crap, unless for example you need to trick your illegally obtained copy of Quake4 into not phoning home. :frowning:

“Can I prevent game accessing the Net?”

Buying it comes to mind :iagree:

Indeed! Thread closed. :cop: