Can I preserve thumbs on folders with .db ext

I’ve been trying to back up 4 months worth of downloaded radio shows. Each show is broken down into 4 MP3s of an hour in length each. I put each nights show in its own folder with a copy of that nights webpage. While I listened to the show the next day I customized the folder with a thumbnail.
All the data copys fine even the thumb.db data base systemfile but I lose the thumbs when I read the disk.
Would it help if I made the .db file read only? Is that safe?
Microsoft tricked Mongo

UPDATE… :confused: Archiving System Files?

I tried modifying the attributes of the (thumbs) data base systemfile. No luck with any combination of read-only, hidden, or file ready for archiving. Also tried moving the files from DVD back to a computer folder, still no thumbs.

When I look at the properties of the file from a folder on my computer there are only 2 attributes possible; read-only and hidden plus the advanced button.

When I look at the properties of the file from the CD or DVD there are 3 attributes possible; read-only, hidden and archive plus the advanced button. Read-only and hidden are checked but I can’t modify the archive attribute.

Any ideas of how to archive a system file?