Can i please get some advice?



Hi guys and gals…
Thanks for all the threads, they are really educational for newbies to the dvd world…which i am one.
Anyway, can i please get assistance in my choice of dvd burner, i have read the thread “which burner should i choose?” (not: i am paraphasisng), my current choices are:
~Pioneer A108 D & SW (what is the difference between D and SW?)
~Litey1633S (are there any other models that is 16X and dual layer?)
Which one would you choose, and why? (also which one gives the best BANG for buck, i.e. bitsetting and bells and whistles?)
Merry Christmas


I would go for the LG GSA 4163B if you could get it. :iagree:
DVD±R = 16x P-CAV :stuck_out_tongue: , DVD+RW = 8x, DVD-RW = 6x, DVD+R DL = 4x, DVD-RAM = 5x.
For more info look here .

More Lite-On’s that support 16x and dual layer are: 1653S & 1673S.
For specs look here .

Merry Christmas to you too. :iagree:


For how much can you have each of them? If they cost the same, LG GSA-4163B is clearly the preferred choice. Oh, you said GSA-4160B. Out of question. :bigsmile:


Thanks guys for your reply,
Other than the features of its capability; i was reading the

It says LG doesnt have bitsetting, and PI/PIF scanning, what is PI/PIF scanning?
do overspeeding (is that when, you increas the burners speed), PI/PIF scanning and bitsetting important?



sorry guys, from my list which one you choose, cause they are the only burners avalible to me


Sorry guys, chrissy is close…and i wanna get a drive from the list…but dont know which one…i can get the lg for 99 aus dollars and the pioneer for bout 102…whereas the nec 3500 not 3520 for bout 112…(is it possible to go from 3500 to 3520?)
which one…excluding nec…


Bitsetting = Set booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM - improves compatibilty with standalone players. General opinion seems to be that few players understand double layer media without it!

PI/PIF scanning = Using with test programs to assess burn quality, more useful on burners that have poorer quality on many medias - if you know the burner produces usable results, and you don’t chop and change media, then you can do without.

Overspeed = run media faster than rated speed… some burners do it by default, on a range of selected media, some can be hacked to, some never. To use, it also requires that you select, even if using a hacked “nX4all” firmware, a media which returns acceptable overspeed results (and you need PI/PIF testing to verify that).

The drives:
Liteon: - doubtful burn quality, but improving with newer firmware and patch tools - favours +R media, would be overspeed friendly if it were not for the weak performance above 8x - good overspeeds on high quality 2.4x and 4x media though. Can PI/PIF test, can bitset.

Pioneer: - Good burn quality, tends to favour -R media. Some hacked firmware around for overspeed. PI/PO testing only with DVD Infopro, and not yet convinced as to the accuracy.

NEC: - Capable of good results, some firmware hacking, some firmware supports bitsetting, not capable of PI/PIF testing at all under any current software.