Can I pay copyright costs to make an old illegal cd legal?

Hi there.
First post on this forum. And I have a question.

Years ago ('95 or so) I got an illegal cd (MTV eurocharts) with music I liked and still like. But I don’t like the thought of having something illegal. Is there a way to pay the neccesary costs to legalise this cd? And how much would we be talking about?

I’m from the netherlands if it makes any difference.


First of all welcome on our forum, nice to have you on board.

Concering the legal music; you could buy the numbers which are on your CD. For example you can walk to the store and buy the singles. Of course this is not a cheap solution. You can also go to some online music shop and buy the songs one by one. For example on weblisten or allofmp3.

well you could see if the cd is legaly avaulable, if its a compulaton rather than trying to find VERY old single disks that arnt around, try using a legal internet download service like itunes or real where it wil cost abot $1, £65p per track to download.