Can I overclock my cpu?

From reading some of the other posts it sounds like im out of luck but is there any way to overclock my cpu? Heres my specs: Mobo=ELITEGROUP 945GCT-M3 ; Chipset=Intel i945G/GZ ; Bios=945GCT-M3 ; Memory=2048mb DDR2-SDRAM ; Processor=Intel Pentium E2140 @1600 mhz If anyone knows anything about this It would be appreciated! Its hard to tell if the salesman at Microcenter is being strait up or if hes building his commission at your expense, NO OFFENSE TO ANY SALESMAN! P.S. Whats the deciding factor when it comes to upgrading cpu’s the socket 775 or the chipset or both? THANX!!!

Yeah the 945 chipset is very old and is not for overclocking. Get a P45 board they can be had for less than $100 now. Your ram and cpu will work in a P45 board.

Link P45 boards, Asus and gigabyte are good economical options.

Thanks, eric93se

ELITEGROUP (ECS) boards are generally pretty crappy. They tend not to overclock much if at all even if you get one with a chipset that is good for overclocking. I’m guessing that he got a pretty good commission out of you on that one. Truth be told, I’m running ECS boards on 2 out of 4 computers right now, but that’s because they were free. I would never pay money for one, but frys often runs combos where you pay for the cpu (comparable prices to newegg), and the motherboard is basically free. I keep winding up with them as free is a hard price to resist. If you get one that is not doa, they seem to last long enough and work well enough (a lot better than they used to), but performance wise and or overclocking wise, most ecs boards are bottom of the barrel.