Can I not find any working firmware links? :(

OK… so i had this all typed up, then i submitted, then my browser crapped out, and now i have to start again. :doh: bummer. so here goes:

I’m new at this forum, but have been reading and attempting to get my drive flashed for hours… i can’t seem to find the firmwares and programs that i need to get it done.

i have a sony/lite-on dw-r56a, and would really love to make it a dw-d56a. however; most of the links direct to an rpc1 site of some flavor, and that is a site that has not responded for the last couple days. so i’m out a version of omnipatcher, and the firmware that i would use with it to flash my drive.

on top of that, i think i pooched my drive by trying other ways to flash it, so i would like to know how to make sure it’s all good-to-go before i get the dw-d56a flash on here.

if someone has recent versions of the flashers and firmwares, and a simple guide on how to use the tools, i would be more than happy to host them on my webserver for all to use and see.

this time i copy all the text before i submit the post :iagree:

uhh yeah… i just found the post about the rpc1 site downtime… after reading so much i guess my eyes are burned out. i wish you the best of luck getting everything sorted out :wink:

in the meantime… yeah my drive is pooched, i can’t write with it. if anyone has the .bin firmware for me (dw-d56a - PDS7 or PFS3, so i can get this thing running, and hopefully burn dvd-r’s) , i’d just love to find a copy in my inbox :wink: i did find a copy of omnipatcher in the latest version, though.


PS: the offer stands for some small-time hosting of files =)))