Can I move a laptop burner into desktop?

didn’t ryan say above that the model was a UJ something or other?

if so, isn’t that matshita?

now installing the slim drive is not going to be the same as installing a full one? do ya have to change the slave on the drive?

I think your drive is a MATSHITA (Panasonic) DVD-RAM UJ-820B, but as mciahel said, there should be a sticker on it.

Yea I just googled it and it is has firmware version 1.50 that is pretty cool. I learned something new awesome.I am trying to find out if the matshitas drives are a good solid burner.

damn a replacement costs $329.00 thats expensive.

Yikes…I hope not! You’re getting close to what you’ll pay for a low-end pc.

I found this… for $155
…still sucks and I can’t imagine paying this much for any drive.

I still think this ^ is the best idea.
I know you have a baby on the way and things are tight…but you’d be better off working a little extra and save $30-35.

BTW…congratulations… :clap:

cool when the time comes and I do get the drive do I have to upgrade the firmwaire on it?

Well, I think most folks burning dvds would answer yes, at least generally. This doesn’t mean you have to jump on every upgrade that comes along.
You’d do well to read up a little, maybe start here.
Then, you may want to look at the Benq, Liteon, etc., forums to see what burner best fits your needs and budget.

well I have already had my eyes on benq 1650 because everybody swears by it

I know that feeling doublly so. If its not on clearance cheap I cannot afford it since we had ours (1 year old) and now have another one on the way. If the laptop is dead and the drive sells for that much, I would defanatlly consider selling it. You might get enough to buy a full size drive and have a chunk of change left.

I will look into that.