Can I move a laptop burner into desktop?

I have a dvd burner from my toshiba a70 satelitte laptop. I was wondering if I could stick that into my desktop.The reason why I want to do that is that my laptop took a dump and i cant see that burner sitting there collecting dust.

its a multi layering drive

I have a toshiba a70 satelitte laptop that broke down but it has a dvd multi recorder burner and I was wondering if I can swap it into my compaq presario in the expansion bay.

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The answer to your question in my opinion would probably be no as most laptop burners are slimline and desktop are full. You could do it, but there would be a wide open gaps which would contaminate your PC components and then you may be left with 2 non-functional computers.

well the connection on the back is to small I think?

Google “Slim Line CD to Desktop IDE Adapter” and you’ll have lots of choices…
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Which Brand Is The Best To Get They Are All Reasonably Priced They Have Alot Of Them.

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What exact drive is it?

If it is an “super-slimline” drive, you maybe could get into trouble finding an suitable adaptor.

serial#4jcha360172 TJV-A Model# UJ-820B


there are external cases (USB) for slimline drives available. I think, something like that is more useful than installing a notebook drive internally. Also, you’d need a special front bezel for the drive, if installed internally.


This Might Be A Stupid Question But Do I Really Need An External Case Or A Special Bezel Or Could I Just Lay The Drive In The Bay?

You want to have your drive properly fixed to get acceptable burn results. You also want a proper airflow in your computer.

Those adapters for internal use are only a piece of electronics:


In all honesty, regular full size dvd burners are so cheap, even for good ones (In some countries anyway), is it really worth the trouble? Newegg has had a few good burners on sale latlly for 30$ shipped or even less (I think there was a liteon at one point that was 27$ shipped).

ripit, you are absoltely right. I would have to pay 36,90€ for the installation kit to install a slimline drive into a 5,25" bay. A LG H10N black, bulk is available for 35,90€.

But I think, it just the thing, that the original poster wants to use that existing drive instead of leaving it lying around :slight_smile:


Well to tell ya the truth I cant afford 30 bucks right I know its sad but I have a baby coming and right now i am the only person bringing in income and the burner from my laptop worked so great i mean i paid 1500 bucks for the the laptop and since toshibas I found out are pieces of crap I would rather just buy the adaptor for 10 bucks and throw it in to my drive,or I will buy a special bezel or whatever other than that once I do that what is the next step? Will my cpu recognize the drive?

Is the drive made by toshiba or some other manufacturer

Nobody can tell you. But there should be a sticker on it showing you, what drive that is.
Okay, I understand your pecuniar situation. What about selling the drive @ebay? If you are lucky, then you’d get enough money to buy a full size drive for your desktop…