Can I mix AVIs and JPGs in a slideshow with Nero Vision(Express)?

Nero VisionExpress 3 will not let do either of these:

  1. add JPGs to a video timeline
  2. add AVIs to a photo slideshow

Sonic MyDVD 6 will let me do a mixed slideshow, but my trial’s expired and I already purchased Nero (I don’t want to buy another app). Am I missing a feature of Nero VE or is this simply impossible to do with this app? Is there a workaround of any sort? Any easy freeware out there that will do this?

Does anyone know if Nero 7 will do this or can I upgrade to a non-“Express” version of Nero Vision that will mix AVIs and JPGs in a slideshow? I see that there is now a Nero Vision 4 (is this a fuller version of NVE 3?), but don’t know if it will help me.

Thanks for any input.