Can I make some Upgrades to my LDW-811s?

Can I make some Upgrades to my LDW-811s? :confused:
Like dual layer stuff, or converting to another (832s… :smiley: :confused: )
Please let me know if there is such a “Know-How”, 'cose my dvdwriter was a bad ideea :sad: when I buy’t.

Thanks a lot and escuse my poor english. :bow:

Sorry, because of the different OPU (Optical Pickup Unit) there is no upgrade path available for the 811S drive.

Edit: There are however options available in OmniPatcher to increase the performance of your drive. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks I have downloaded Omnipatcher v1.15 but is hard to make what I need (I need to write corectly to Delphy DVD’s) (ex:I write on these Delphy DVD’s 6 movies and one or two of this 6 is unreadable in my writer, but is case when in my brother “Samsung SM352” is readable) :confused: :sad:

You will need to give me some more information about the Delphy DVD’s. Get DVD Identifier and post the media information and media code block.