Can I Make Custom Buttons With TDA?

I have recently made a menu with photoshop but i want to be able to use the font/text i have made with the menu/background. but i need to make some sort of button that i can put right next to each tittle inside of Tmpeg dvd author. here is a one of my menus

Now is there anyway of clicking on the text when its in TDA or someway of making a transparent button that i can place right next to it or a transparent underline?? I just import this as the background in TDA. But i need to be able to some how use the text. Sorry if im not explaining very well.


By the way i have all versions of TDA 1.6,2.0, and 3.0

Why not?

That should work with TDA, just play a lil bit with the buttons.

You can set ANY font to ANY text in the menus, but I think you have to stay away from the templates.