Can I make an image of a movie with nero and burn it on dvd?

I made an image of a movie on my hard disc with nero. Is it possible to burn this to a dvd? I tried to do this, but allthough the burn finished successfully, the dvd was unreadable…


not sure if this is what your asking …but u have a dvd burner and want to make backup of movies ? if so then here ya go … just need to explain alittle better so we know what your trying to do …

the combination I use to backup my movies is dvd shrink and nero and dvd burner …I have tried new nero but for some reason bugs in it fail sometimes … .

dvd shrink can be found at

i would get dvd shrink 2.3 cause it is not beta
and those steps are below for that version

there is help file to help ya but what you do is basically

make folder on desktop then label it lets say movie
then open dvd shrink and then go to open disk and then pick
yoru dvd burner
then it goes threw movie
and big bar at top you want it to show all green can have grey too …I look for green and grey …

[ the green and gray bar is how much fits on the dvd …I go for green and some grey …and even at compression 10 I seen no lose in quality at all ]

okay highlight dvd folder and then look at bar
if not green and grey then go to compression and then keep going down side til you get green and gray …
then hit backup and browse out to your folder and then just hit okay and then okay again
[do not mess with the region free setting ]


you go into nero express [ if you use nero express less room for errors ]
then go to drop down box at top

pick your burner

make sure it says this exactly

yourburner [dvd]

that will open up optons strictly for dvd part
then pick
dvd-video files
and then just add the files inside the folder you created on desktop
and then just hit next and burn …dont need to verify …

that is how to do it real quick and works …also remember firmware is always import …gives you more options for drive and more dvd compatablity as far as what media …so I would always get the latest firmware for you dvd burner …

I am not sure if that is what you was wanting cause you didnt explain enough …but if you have dvd files on hard drive that are in vob format and info files then you can skip to nero part …

also if you just want movie you can do that with dvd shrink too and I can write those steps too if interested …

well hope that is what you was asking

Well Hello there!!!

as everybody can see im a newbie here…

but I just wanted to thank AZImmortal for his great explanations… that was REALLY useful and my dvd is burning as i speak :smiley:

so thanks again and hope i’ll see u guys around sometime!