Can I make a dvd that plays video on dvd player& has mp3s to play on pc on it too using nero 10?

Hi I have to make a dvd that has a music video demo on it plus some mp3 clips of just audio tracks too. I have the full version of nero 10 is it easy to master a “dual fomat” dvd?

the idea is that the video content wold play on a home dvd player and also a pc and that the audio tracks would play on at leat a pc and pref a dvd player too. If nero isnt up to the job is there any other software that is more sitable (pref freeware?)

I tried making a cd with audio and video once using nero 10 and just about managed it but it was a bit ropey

I don’t know if it will work, but you can run a quick test with a rewritable disc :slight_smile:

Simply, make a DVD video with the usual AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders, then add a third directory named any way you like (for example [B]Music[/B]).

In this way, you should be able to read the disc in the DVD player, and the [B]Music[/B] directory can be easily accessed by any computer drive :slight_smile:

If the video is not in VOB format but is instead an avi, then it is not necessary to do anything special. Simply make a data disc containing all files in separate folders (a folder for video and a folder for music). This is sufficient providing that the standalone is able to read avi files :slight_smile:

More information on the video is needed.
None of my standalone DVD players will play .mp3’s from a DVD disc.
I understand a few will.
A data CD plays .mp3s fine on my standalones.
I don’t have Nero 10 so I don’t know if it can do what you want.
The best method is to create a slide show with each .mp3 as the sound.
It only needs two picture frames.
Then convert that to DVD format with DVDFlick.
The audio will now be .ac3 on the very short video .
That way a standalone DVD player will play it with no problem.
You should be able to do the whole project in DVDFlick at once & you will have a menu.

This can never work with most dvd players because their capabilities differs too much.

dvd video playing is one thing, multi mode and mp3 playing another thing…

Using a cd for that with mode2 is the better choice.

Hi there.

First off Nero 10 has bugs, i tried it and switched back to Nero 7.5.

But, you start a dvd viddeo compliant DVD add your DVD content in the VDEO_TS directory (Folder) and add your mp3’s either in the AUDIO_TS directory or create another one along with the other 2 and put your mp3 in it, Nero 10 should do it, Nero 7.5 does.


Welcome to the forum PIB00 . I will give your method a try but I don’t think it will work on a standalone DVD player.