Can i ltr-40125s witch firmware zsok upgraden

can i ltr-40125s witch firmware zsok upgraden
to a 48 speed?
and what is mount rainier?
en the differens of de w version and de s version

gr nick

ZS0K is the latest official firmware for the LTR-40125S. (40X)
If you want to overclock to 48X the general opinion favors, as you must have figured out, VS02.

I have tried and used most firmwares and in my experience the differences between them are small in general. VS02 gives the fastest burn times with good quality if you have good media.

With these drives the main issues seem to be media quality related when burning at very high speeds (beyond the media’s original specs).

@liteonrulezz: may I ask, what is your native language?

@83: define “quality”. I can write moser baer crap discs at 48x with moderate c1 errors, but they are scratched easily.

For me, a disc has good quality if it can’t be scratched to easily, and if it survives some sunlight…even if it can’t be burned faster than 32x.

Well alexnoe, I have found out that no matter what firmware you use results are ultimately dependent on media quality. Indeed some disks can only be burnt at 32X for relaible results even if they are, in that particular case, rated at 40X based on the Smart-X technology.

Media quality is the determining factor in my experience, then comes firmware version used.