Can I leave the IFO untouched?



i’ve got a theoretical question.

i ripped a complete video-dvd to my hdd but it’s too big for a blank dvd.
so i picked out the vobs of the main movie, joined them to one vob, requantisized the video stream and splitted them again in 1049572k parts which i renamed like the original files out of which i created my “big vob-file”.
now because i requantisized the vobs, my new main movie track consist of less 1049572k parts than the original one.
do i now have to edit an ifo file or do some other things to make it a video-dvd or can i simply burn it?

i own a programm which is called dvdauthor. afaik it can create ifos but i’m not sure if i might lose some special informations if i’ll replace the original ifos with those, created by dvdauthor (especially infos about the menus, subtitles etc.)

please don’t answer: “Use DVDshrink instead” :slight_smile: … i know this would be easier but i don’t have the possibility to run this software.

thanks :bow: