Can I install MCE over XP Pro?

I’ve been running XP Pro for 6 months and a friend is giving me his computer that runs Media 2005. I’d like to “update” my own Pro installation with the licensed and legitimate copy of Media 2005 (or Vice Versa and copy back). In other words, I want to run Media 2005 but keep all my already installed programs and tweaks. I can see where this might work very easily or not at all.

Any hints/advice?? //// bobbo.

Well, as luck would have it, I picked up a virus and after cleaning my registry and so forth, XP Pro started up ok but the desktop screen and its submenus were all labeled in squares, circles, triangles and such==not english. Went to restore points and they were all wiped out so I put in the media 2005 install disk to “repair” the OS and tried fixboot and such with no joy. Then I started to reinstall off of media 2005 and when I got to start I clicked “r” for repair. Instead of repairing, the disk installed media 2005 fresh over my XP Pro–so, unless anyone knows better, my answer is either I have a defective install disk “or” windows media does not have a repair function–only an install function that is very misleadingly labeled—or something else went wrong.

Anyway, I am now installing media 2005 and will take a few days to install other programs and tweaks. - - - - And life goes on. //// Bobbo.