Can I install a Plextor Premium into 716UF or 755UF?


I am new to this forum…

I have a working premium, however my computer no longer provides an ide port.

Is it possible that I put this drive into a Plextor external writer with IDE internal connection, say 716UF or 755UF?

The other questions is, will external drives (usb, 1394) have better quality than internal drives?

Thank you.

First question: Yes that would be possible.
Second question: Not necessarily. It’s not the drives that are different but the case/interface may interfere with the drive. But using a Plextor case with Plextor drives should avoid that.

There is another solution for your problem:

Use Google (or any other search engine) and search for “ide to sata adapter”. Such an adapter will allow you to continue using your drive in your computer.

From my experience not all external enclosures and not all adapters are compatible with quality scanning.
For me it was a try and error to find one for a BENQ 1640.

No idea how it will be with Plextors - all my Plex have a SATA interface.

I just tried a Premium2 with a 740/750UF enclosure’s adapter. It didn’t work very well at all. The drive would sometimes be recognized by Windows but sometimes not. Attempting to burn a 52x TY CD-R resulted in a 2x burn. It still seems fine for doing C1/C2 scans, however.

[B]EDIT[/B] I just noticed you were talking about the original Premium. I have one of those too, hooked it up with the 740UF adapter. It works perfectly fine on a modern system (X79 chipset, Windows 8 x64). Full speed burns, works with Opti Drive control, can do Plextools XL tests.

Here are a series of tests I did on a Sony-branded Audio CD-R by TY. Note in the PlexTools screenshot that the drive is recognized as a “Premium-U”.