Can i install 3 drives on my pc

i currently have these 2 installed:

sony crx 210e cd writer
nec 2500 dvd writer

can i add & install dvd rom without any conflicts. and is it safe to have 3 of them together.

thank you

As long as you have a spare IDE connection it should be no problem (you can add PCI card with extra IDE connections or switch to SCSI (more expensive))

Have 4 drives installed, of which 2 are SCSI, working fine together.

Originally posted by montoyauk

sony crx 210e cd writer
nec 2500 dvd writer

can i add & install dvd rom without any conflicts.
Yes. Just keep in mind to have DVD writer and DVD reader installed on separate IDE channels.

I’m a big fan of more drives…big fan of 2 hard drives min in the box too…os on one…data on the other…by that I mean physicall drive…not 2 partitions 1 drive…:slight_smile:

Just be careful you master slave settings if you go all eide…different configs give different results…even 80 pin has echos.

SCSI is great…if you have the cash…beyond my budget…frankly…it’s cheaper to network 2 EIDE machines together and share the drives then build a “good” SCSI system…:slight_smile:

I opt to network…have a $30.00 usd kvm…and a $20.00 hub…and a cople boxes and a laptop…to cause trouble with…:slight_smile:

Another thing you should take into consideration…although, being a DVD drive it shoud be OK because its not always running…but make sure your power supply is sufficient. 300-350 watt supply will be plenty.

My Box:
1 - 60 GB - WD - NTFS - OS drive
1 - 120 GB - Maxtor Ultra - finishing drive
2 - 80 GB - Maxtor 7200 - In a Stripe 0 RAID array - capture drive
1 - Pioneer DVD-ROM
1 - Pioneer DVR-105 burner

I use to have 2 more HD’s in my box, a 10 GB (which I used as a floppy, strickly storage), and a 4 GB that was a dedicated page file.

But to answer your question…yes, you can do it. Make sure your master / slave jumper is set right.

northcat_8 makes a really good point here, though I disagree with his wattage.

300-350watts should spin all just fine, but your pushing the envelope because most generic ps’s don’t deliver the full 12volt that many devices…

My rig has 2 hdd’s and 2 optical drives on a 300watt…it works fine, but I’m pushing it…

If I were going to build new…2 hdd’s and 2 opticals…and a raid channel…I’d be putting a good name 500+ ps in the box…:slight_smile:

how can u find out how many watts on your pc?

if you bought it new…it should have said what the specs were on the box…personally, because I build all my stuff as clone stuff…or used to cannabilize…I open the case.

If I recall…yours is an AOpen generic clone…My guess, short of opening the case…300-350watt…

opening the case and looking at the sticker on the PS is how you tell…what they claim it is…:slight_smile: