Can I increase the processor from Intel® Atom™ Processor N280 to 800MHz

I am a court reporter and use CASE CAT 10 to produce transcripts. I have gone paperless with my steno machine and life would be perfect for my back (not having to carry around the steno machine and my current 15" lap top) if I could get the Toshiba NB205-N310.

Only problem is that it comes with Intel Processor N280 which is 533MHz. My software needs at least 800MHz. If I take this to Geek Squad can they safely increase the speed of the processor?

All of the other software requirements are more than satisfied by the lap top and I am keeping to Windows XP.

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Well I’ve got good news for you, the N280 runs at 1.66GHz. The speed your referring to is the FSB (front side bus). So your software should run fine!