Can I have some help please?

Hi everyone. I’m totally new to anything cd-burner related and have a problem.

I recently bought a new PC with an ATAPI DVD DUAL 4XMAX CD/DVD burner which refused to work correctly. With both cds and dvds, data or audio which i have burnt, my burning software (the latest release of Nero) says that all has been done correctly.

However when i try to access the cd/dvd from any computer it is registered as a blank cd/dvd with with 0 bytes used and 0 bytes remaining. I am going to take my PC back next week, but wondered if you had any ideas. Thanks in advance.


did u just stimulate a burn ? see the pic below

Pls apologise, -sukbarracuda-

but how about a visit to Nero guide and manuals site:


i’ve tried a few different burining programs, but I’ll still read it so thanks. And i’m definitely burning the cds. Still no luck though.:confused: