Can i have 2 pioneer burners?



i have tsst corp burner now set as the master and a pioneer 111d set as the slave…now the tsst burner is toast so i would like to replace it…can i replace it with another pioneer 111d and set it as the master? or can i not have 2 of the same burners will this confuse the computer?


Shouldn’t be a problem.

However, it can make sense to have something different ,like a Benq 1650 (if you can still find one) or a Liteon maybe.

Benqs & Liteons are great from quality scanning and burn very well as well. Gives you more options as no one burner will burn all media well. Many here have multiple burners for just this reason. For example on my main system I’ve a Pio 111L , Benq 1650 , LG 4163b & Liteon 1635S.


No, usually just the user when trying to pick the right drive to write too.

Brother Vlad


If this was done, would you be able to burn via the 2 pioneers simultaneously?




Yes you can… my system has 4 recorders (BenQ 1655, Pio 111D@111L, Nec 4550@Mad Dog and a TSST 552B). The challenge is to write to the 4 at the same time… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Wow!!! :eek: 4 burners! now theres an idea! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Does the idea include “time-sharing”?


“time sharing” :confused:


So, the idea is?? Can you reveal that secret please?


Time Sharing indeed… i have two drives on IDE and the other two on VIA VT6410 RAID Controller. The secret? Burn on slow speeds so there is a time for each drive thus the word time sharing… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I have the same setup too but am burning at full 16x! The burn quality is excellent on TYG03. The drives work better than my older NEC’s!!! Very happy with this drive!!! :bow:


at 16x? interesting! :bigsmile: are you using RAID-0? what computer setup do you have and what burning program are you using?



Not using RAID but a scsi device controller card. I have 2 hard drives connected to the MOBO and the 2 Pioneers connected to the device controller. Am using NERO Burning ROM to burn!!! 1 Master and slave for each setup!! Works fine for me. Am very happy with the 111d!!