Can I have 2 DVD Writers in the same time?

Hi guys,
Until now I had A Plextor PX-716 DVD writer - master, and a Philips CD writer - slave, on my desktop.
Its an old case and it can suit only two writers.
I bought another PLextor PX-760 DVD writer and put just the 2 Plextors inside like this:
PX 760 - master
PX 716 - slave
But when I restart, my PC doesn’t recognise any of them :rolleyes:
I put whether the 716 or the 760 as a master and the old Plilips CD writer again and everythig is bask to normal - it can recognise both.

Why my PC can’t recognise the 2 Plextor DVD writers when I put them together?

PC specs:
Motherboard: Matsonic MS9007C
Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GH
RAM: 512 MB
Hard disc: 40 GB
Graphics Card: Ge Force FX 5200
OS: Win XP Pro SP1


Odd, assuming the jumpers are set right, you could see if the cable is 80 wire.

Would seem to be a jumper issue to me. I would guess that both Plextors are set as master & the old CD-RW as slave.

The other thing is that some M/B don’t auto-detect drives so you might need to pop into the BIOS & do a detect. Try the jumpers first though as that’s my favourite as the problem.