Can i get my DVD player to play DivX movies?

Hello everybody…
I would like to know if I could get my DVD player (not for pc , it’s for TV) to play the new format DivX movies? Can’t I get a program that tells the DVD player that DivX = VCD’s???
Or can I just burn the cd as a VCD just with a DivX file instead of an MPEG file???

Hope you can understand my question or even better help me

And still keep the good quality and only 1 disc thanx

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Sorry man, DivX movies are saved as an AVI, and buring that to a CD a stickin’ it in your DVD just doesn’t make sense. Burning to a CD as VCD would work, but you’ll have to sacrifice the great Quality of course, and of course, you’ll need two disks…

Oh yeah, you will have to convert the DivX AVI to standard MPEG-1 with a converter first, before you urn it as a VCD.