Can i get help to record and have good effect

hi all i,m realy fond of record and i guss ma voice is good enough to hear nd ma friends say dis as i sing in ma skool party hero 4 enrique eglisseas and iwant to know what is the prog to make record and add effect to the song and sure background music jus the prog name gona be soo cool nd sure ma frist song iwill put it here first 4 our sweet member k thanks in advance

Try Audacity

A good stereo microphone

Export (save) the audio file/track as WAV

You can have multiple tracks

Hi-light the part of the track you want to work on and add effects from the drop-down menus.

(and try to write in English…it will help you to get answers from the old and wise dudes here)

woooow thanks so much for the programe realy this so nice iwill try it and tell you then iwill upload my song here hope all like it and for the english sorry im used to talk in american but iguss now thers nothing to be not understand ok thanks again and see you soon :slight_smile:

Hmm, Am I missing something or is there no such language as American? I think Americans may speak English, but i’ll have to check.


hey man im not american citz im just egyptian guy idont know why american seem make problems to all of you im muslim bye the way and its ok what ever u think or guss any way ilove italy and i make it ma second language in the college and i love usa dosn matter any way thanks in advance