Can I get better results with "-" media and 1620?

Hello, here are few examples of results I got with various DVD-R media. Is this problem with preety high PI Errors, or it is OK burn for storage? Also I have a lot better DVD+R burns. I tried with firmwares B7V9 and B7W9, results are almost the same… I think that in this screenshots only Ritek G04 is good burn. What do You think?

They are all good axcept Ritek G05… which is known to be not the best media out there.

desactivate WOPC :wink:
see that

it doesn’t look good… it doesn’t look good at all… :wink:

The PIE’s look better, but take a look at those PIF’s. WOW :Z

Is there way to get results with DVD-R media like this?

MBIPG101 R04 is +R, if I’m not mistaken. Btw, check out the Moser Baier thread in the Media section. My MBIPG101 R04’s have sometimes given me PIF’s in the 50-60 totals … only to ‘grow’ thick PIF’s in a few months. For what it’s worth, keep an eye on your MBI burns when you have the time.

If you want better DVD-R burn results with your Benq 1620, go with TYG02 instead of the MID’s you’ve shown scans of above.

Some other things to try (if you’re so inclined):

  • re-flash using the B7L9 trick
  • if using NERO, uninstall using NERO General Clean Tool. Then, install a fresh copy
  • try defragmenting your target data before burning

Judging by your MBI scan, your setup is probably ok. It may simply be the media choice. Try TYG02’s if you can find them.

Btw … at what burn speed(s) did you burn those first set of scans?

Ritek G04@4x, others at 8x. I can’t find TY media here (exept CD-R), I can find only faked TY’s. You think I have to flash my drive with B7L9, and flash it again with current firmware or…?

OK, I flashed my drive to B7L9, and then to B7W9. Results with Ritek G05 are same, but I got preety nice result with this TDK DVD-R burned @8x. I’ll try some other media (Verbatim, CMC, GSC) to see is there any other improvements. Thanx!!!

Here is another…