Can I force my 16H5S to write DVDs slower than it wants to?

I have a stack of CMC 4X 80mm DVD-Rs which I like to use in my gamecube. It will not read the disks I burn on my LiteOn 16H5S, but reads them perfectly if they are burnt in an NEC ND-4571A.

One difference is that in the NEC drive I burn at 2X, but in the LiteOn I can only write at 4X.

Is there any way to force my drive to write more slowly? I have probably missed the answer somewhere, but most of the media code stuff appeared to only apply to older drives.


it seems, your discs aren’t supported by your Liteon drive at all, and I suspect lowering the write speed will help. You may try the latest firmware for your drive and see if there are any improvements.
Normally, there is no way to lower the burn speed, but you may try playing with the test version of Liteon Smart burn utility: