Can I flash my TS-L532A to a TS-L532L so I can get Lightscribe support?

Hi all from BC, Canada.

I just bought an HP Pavilion zd8080us laptop about a month ago and it came with a “TSSTcorp CD/DVDW- TS-L532A” DVD 8X dual layer ±R burner.

I came across a product called “Lightscribe” for doing nice labeling and would like to get it running on this laptop as long as it won’t damage the burner upgrading the firmware. The DVD software that came with the computer has Lightscribe support, but is currently greyed out due to what I am assuming is the current firmware in the burner doesn’t support it.

From what I have read on this forum in another post that I need to flash the current firmware to TS-L532L firmware. Unfortunately there was no link in that post to that firmware version (if there was I would not have posted this). I am a real newbee at flashing DVD burners so a complete one file exe type flash would be most appreciated. If the TS-L532L firmware is not the correct one to enable Lightscribe, please send me a link (or email file direct to: to the correct one. Also in case the flash doesn’t work I would like to back up the original file so I can reflash the drive back to the original firmware for warranty purposes, so any info on how to do this would be much appreciated as well.



If the situation is anything like that between the Benq 1620 (which IS NOT Lightscribe capable) and Benq 1625 (which IS LightScribe capable) then cross flashing with Lightscribe firmware will probably work but wont enable Lightscribe to function as apparently the 1620 is missing hardware require to detect Lightscribe disks.

Dont know this in practice, but this is what a reliable source has said.

what happended?

This cannot work because Lightscribe requires EXTRA hardware!