Can I flash my A08XL with PIOdata firmware?

Hate to ask this question, but couldn’t really find a clear solution. I’m fairly sure you can only flash the DVR 108, but I wanted to make sure. The reason I ask is because I’d like bitsetting (I know, I know). Thanks! :slight_smile:

Look there, seem like there’s a few possibility

-----> :iagree:

Make sure you look into the higher dir as well…

I know where to get the firmware, just not sure if there would be some complications.

If you THINK you need it, just try it.

You’ll lose the Quiet Drive function of the A08 when you flash the Piodata firmware.

When attempting to flash it I get “Firmware and Drive mismatch. If you want to convert your drive, you need to supply both Kernal and General.” So I’m guessing I can’t?

I think that output is clear - or not?!
You need the kernel + normal firmware.

I put the .exe and 118 file in the same directory as dvrflash. I apologize if I sound like an idiot, but I don’t know what else to do. I guess what I should be asking is…where do I find the kernal?

Edit: I’ve found it.

And worked?

Of course not, I figured that’s what you wanted me to learn on my own. :slight_smile: (Yes, search is handy at

So what is missing now or left/to be done?

Not sure I understand what you mean…

Is it so that DVRUpdate doesn’t allow you to flash your drive with the Piodata?!?

Yes. I used DVRFlash actually, and it wouldn’t let me. (Because it’s an XL drive.) I didn’t bother with DVRUpdate because I didn’t think it would be a good idea…

OK, I just did it with DVR Update. Burning a Ritek G05 now to see if all is well…