Can i fit a second hard drive to my dell?



Ive got hold of a used seagate 60 G HD from my mate, which i want to fit to my Dell dimensin 4600.

Can this be done?


According to this image from Dell’s website of the 4600’s chassis, yes you can. As long as you only have one drive installed already.


Hi adict2jane, Yes that pic is spot on.I just opened my pc and have tried fitting the HD but it wouldnt go in,The cd drive cage above it is in the way. :frowning: do i need to take out the cd cage or can i remove the HD cages??


Take the screw out and remove the hd cage(s).


Hi harley2ride,Ijust took out the screw (as seen in the above pic) but the thing doesnt want to budge ?


wiggle it back and forth…i’m on a 6 year old p3 that has a similiar cage setup…it’s a pain but if you wiggle…it’ll come free…it lox into the other side of the case


Agree with Nosmartz, the chassis/cage setup is identical in my mum’s eMachine. It will come out. :slight_smile: