Can I fit a 6gb movie onto a 4.7 disc w/FAB

I am a total newbie so please don’t slam me.

Is it possible to use some sort of compression to fit a larger file onto a single layer DVD+R?

My LiteOn came with Nero and Power DVD.
I have DVD FAb Platinum29.

The LiteOn is capable of dual layer burning.

Thanks Mike

Yes, you can. You need dvd shrink. <—Go here. :cool:

Is it better to shrink or to use Dual layer.
What is the quality trade off when shrinking movies?
Do you tend to make more coasters when attempting dual layer back-ups?

Thanks. Mike

Simply click full disc and it will copy a full DVD9 to 1 DVD5 but compressed.

If you want the movie only click on movie only and it will copy and compress the movie itself to fit on a DVD5.

The less compression the better the movie will look, therefore copying the Movie Only has the least compression and the best picture quality.

First thing, you need to update Platinum to You will need to request a new key. I have been using it to burn to SL. I think you will like it and update is free.


Hi ecko51 and welcome to cdfreaks,

Mack and tahclep are correct. There’s no need to utilize shrink since you have Platinum. Platinum will do it all. Since you own v. 2.9XX, you’re entitled to a free upgrade to platinum 3. Version 2.XXX will no longer be updated so you’ll need Fab 3 to stay current. You’ll need to enter your original email (the one you used when making your original purchase of fab) and retrieve a new regkey. Platinum 3 is an awesome program and very powerful.
Here’s the link:

There are a great many variables as to how much compression one can apply, ie., bitrate, burner, media, TV screen, etc., etc. There’s a ton of info on this if you do a search. Personally, I don’t usually compress much beyond 70% for most flicks (flawless bkups), but I have with good results. I recently compressed terminator 2 down to 53% (as an experiment for another user) and it played and looked just fine.

You may want to burn to some RW media, just to fool with and get an idea of what you can do.
One tip…always use quality media…it’s cheap these days online.
Taiyo Yuden and verbatim are top-notch.

DL burning with platinum is a piece of cake. Just put in your source and blank disc, click “clone” and walk away…truly, “set and forget it”… :bigsmile:

Thanks for the suggestions.
Is the compression rate the The small window that says “quality” when ripping ?
When writing will it compress automaticly unless I choose “split” in the settings?
What is book type?

I bought this PC used and DVD fab was on it So I guess I will try the new version and buy it if ti works.

I am not even sure I should what info I should be searching for.
I guess I have alot of homework to do.

Thanks so much.

Right, the best way to learn is just to start experimenting. Like I said, probably wise to use some RW media as you experiment…that way no coasters or lost $.


Re: v.2.9.XX
Express will always compress, unless the file size is smaller than an SL disc or you have enabled DL burning (make sure DL burning remains unchecked if you want to compress).

Gold will never compress and will always split to two SL discs unless the file size is smaller than a SL disc or you have enabled DL burning.

The old version of platinum is comprised both of express and gold apps. As you open either app, click on the “?” icon (upper right). This will pull up respective tutorials…at least it’ll give you an idea…

Hope this helps.