Can i export avi-divx to avi dv?


I really want to make a short movie off a show i watch so i downloaded it so i could modify it. but it seems i have downloaded a avi divx file wich my adobe premiere pro wont load into the program someone told me that it was because it was a avi divx he said that format was only to view the movie and that it should be avi dv if i wanted to be able to modify it. so my question is, can i export a avi divx to avi dv?

Tnx alrdy!

greetings tinky

I am not sure about DV avi conversion, but you can use ConvertXtoDVD and than Mpeg Video Wizard for editing, it works with VOB files.

Try this tool on your avi/divx and see if you can then import in Adobe P …