Can I expect any more from T-Y?

I just got a new DVD burner, and testing some burns. I’m still learning what the results mean, but have had what seem to be some good burns.
Using a DigitalMax burner, with some ridata 4X media I have had around for a year or more.
Around the forums people rave about Taiyo Yuden media, so I was wanting to try some. RIMA actually lists the media ID for the T-Y, which seems like a great idea to me, but not for the Ritek/ridata. The T-Y is advertised as being T02.
Will I get any better scan than this with T-Y?
The only reason I bring it up is because of so much talk in the forums of inconsistent quality from many of the manufacturers. I would be happy buying Ridata again, but I guess I would have no idea of the media ID untill I bought it?

Your “Ritek” media is Ricoh which is one of the better media around. The 4X you have is a bit old and hard to find. The newer 8X is not as good.

Real Ritek media is trash and is to be avoided at all costs. In order to get scans as good as what you see there, you should try TY +R 8X.


You can also replicate that exact media here:

At a price that is far more reasonable than Taiyo Yuden - but keep in mind that the Ricoh R01 is no longer made - and what is in the supply channels is the last of it (I personally bought 400 of these - just because of that)-