Can I eliminate 12x TYG02 burns from ND-3520a?

I’m using factory firmware v3.04.

I’m looking to eliminate the 12x option from my TYG02 burns. The media is rated for 8x speed and I’d always like to burn it at 8x. The firmware allows 12x, and that’s what Nero v6.3.1.6 automatically chooses everytime I start a burn. Too often, I start the burn without remembering to manually select 8x. I usually notice 1-2 seconds after I start the burn, but it is too late to do anything about it by then.

12x TYG02 burns do meet my standards. They can be read back, but have way more low-level errors than I prefer. Also, when doing a RPM graph, it hits just below 14x and then drops significantly below 4x, showing me it is having trouble reading the disc. Doing a CD-Speed low level scan at 5x shows that a 12x disc can be read OK (score in the 90’s), but that’s not the speed the drive automatically reads at. My 8x burns just look much better.

It looks like MediaCodeEdit (MCE) has the functionality to enable/disable certain write speeds for a given Media ID (MID), but not for NEC drives.

The other options in MCE is to swap TYG02 with TYG01. I started to do this, and then decided I had a bit of queasiness in the gut. Sure I can just try it, but I thought I’d ask first. The drives are relatively inexpensive, but I’d rather not create a doorstop if I don’t have to.

I’m apprehensive about changing things unless it’s really necessary. Thus, even though it’s possible newer versions of Nero may “remember” the speed you select, I haven’t upgraded because I haven’t heard anyone say it does. I’ve tried to just remember to set 12x to 8x before my burns, but I forget so often that I’ve come to the conclusion that my internal CPU isn’t up to the task and it’s time to let the computer make my life easier. I have 250+ more of these discs to burn, and I’d to come up with something solid.