Can I edit my original posting?



Let’s face it, I am a terrible speller. When I created my first posting, I had to go back several times to correct misspellings. Today when I saw that there were 5 replies I still noticed a couple of minor errors and a totally incorrect web link. Is it possible after replies have been received to correct some of these mistakes in the original posting? If so, how do I get into that edit mode?

In case anyone wonders it was a posting under blank media asking if there were any printable music CD-R disks available anywhere.


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum BAngell. :clap: :iagree:
Yes you can edit your posts. But there’s a time limit. (30 mins I believe).
It appears in the bottom right hand corner.


You can only edit your own posts for up to 29 minutes. After that you need a moderator or admin to do it for you.

You can send me a Private Message about what you want changed in your post in the Blank Media forum and I’ll edit it for you, if your request is reasonable.

You can send a PM to someone by clicking on their username (on the left) and choose the right menu item (Send a private message to username), or use the link below:

Send a private message to DrageMester


BAngell - if the 30 minutes is up, let me know what you want editing, and I’ll do it for you :wink:

Edit: haha too slow, Drage got it first :bigsmile: