Can I edit my EH55 recordings on my PC?

Is it possible to transfer recordings from my standalone Panasonic EH55 (EU?) to my PC and add a different menu as I dont really like the ones it creates? I like to use Adobe Encore 2.0 on my PC for DVDs as I can use Photoshop with it. Encore however doesnt like VOBs if I was to decrypt the DVD made on my EH55. Does any1 know what type of HD the EH55 uses and what format does it record directly to it? If it uses a Sata drive & records in AVI Im thinking of hooking up a eSata bracket to maybe take the recording straight off its HD into my PC and create the DVD on my PC that way?

Use DVDdecrypter in IFO mode.

Thanks, will try. After posting I found out that I could rename the .vro file from a RAM disc to .mpg and Encore would except it. Well it does and previews and works fine. But when burnt to disc the only problem is that the audio is a second out of sync.

Synch problems are due to crappy software that botches up the conversion.
Highly recommend TMPGenc-Author Pro.