Can I edit a DVD and still keep its menus?

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

[li]Rip a DVD
[/li][li]Edit out a portion of the movie. (For instance, delete a 60-second portion of a 2-hour movie)
[/li][li]Burn the edited movie to disc, while retaining all the original menus.

I was hoping I could use Nero Recode 2 to do this, but so far I haven’t had any luck.

If I use its “Recode an Entire DVD to DVD” function, then I can keep the original contents of the disc including the menus, but I can’t make any edits to the movie. (There IS a “Disable” function in that mode, but that’s only if you want to disable an entire title. It doesn’t help you if you want to actually edit out a few seconds but otherwise leave the title intact).

If I use its “Remake a DVD” function, then I have the ability to remove bits out of the movie that I want to discard using the “Start/End” button. However, I lose all my menus that way. If I try to put the menus on the disc using the “Import Titles” button, then once the disc is burned, they simply become video clips and lose their functionality as menus (i.e. you can’t interact with them or click them)

So, is there any way to do what I want - edit out bits of a movie AND keep the original menus with all their functionality? If Nero Recode 2 can’t do it (and I already know DVD Shrink can’t do it either), then what programs can?

Thanks very much!

clonedvd can do that, but you got to try it, i don´t use it

Take a look at:

VOBblanker is an easy to use tool that will do this and its freeware. It’s a bit limited in its editting capability i.e. when you want to cut a section, you can only cut one section at a time. If you need to cut two sections, you need to cut one section, process it and create a new version, and then load this into vobblanker again, and then edit out the second section etc.