Can I do this?



I am trying to load my legal copy of ANYDVD onto a second computer (MY second computer). But cant seem to get it to work. I bought the program from the website last year and no longer have their email, but I do still have the file they sent. I copied it over to the new computer and double clicked. It says registration is complete and to restart ANYDVD. But when I do it says my trial period has expired! What am I doing wrong! Or is it not legal? Do I have to BUY a licence for every computer I own and will own? I know people out there upgrade so what is the use of free updates for life if you cant use it on a new computer? :frowning: Any suggestions?


Hi Sumi and Welcome to CDF:

The following thread will adequately answer your question & no you do not need to purchase a 2nd license.

Does your second computer have a firewall or Norton/McAfee/Zone Alarm type program that is blocking access?


as Jeff suggested
this sounds like a firewall/program like ZoneAlarm preventing running of some of AD and other SS files.
Note this is not the same as allowing internet access, instead you must give permission for the program to run
probably during install you said no to the prermission pop-ups


I only have the windows firewall installed, I have macafee on my other system with no problem, and haven’t even had a chance to load it on this new one yet! :frowning: I will read the thread and see if it helps, but I think it is the thread I already read. The system is fairly fresh, I hae yet to really load anything besides updates from IBM! I reformated and reloaded Xp myself, so I know there are no other programs…


The value of reading the thread is to confirm that you can run AnyDVD on more than one system. That thread won’t address why it won’t run on the second system. Something is blocking the program. Try installing AnyDVD in Safe Mode.


ooooh, the thread was to answer my is this ok question LOL ok good :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ok should I disable windows firewall? It is possible that I clicked something without reading it haha, wouldnt be ther first time! Thanks everyone!